Astrological remedies for job promotion


Are you looking for a job? Or say astrological remedies to get a job? If yes, then this article will prove to be a boon for you. If we consider the current scenario, getting a promotion in a job is seriously getting a lot tougher than finding a new job altogether. Because when it comes to promotion these days, apart from just your skills, a lot more goes into the process. And due to the same reasons, a lot of deserving people are left out not getting the promotion that they deserve.

Working hard and not getting the desired payment for it is a tough situation to be in. More than just the monetary benefits, a raise, increment or promotion affects a person's psychological state, prompting him or her to do better across all domains of life. And when that happens, growth follows for both the firm and the person.

However, all the pep talk above is meaningless if the person is not getting the promotion he derives. So here comes the moral question, if not getting a promotion, do we still keep working hard or try to change the job or something else? Well, the first two options are surely your decisions to make, but recommending you ‘something else’ that you can do to get a job promotion is our cup of tea.

And playing out part well, we bring you in this write up some tried and tested astrological remedies to get a promotion. Like everything else, Vedic astrology surely has remedies for job promotion as well. The remedies for job promotion are easy to practise and ensure that any planet, if in case it is blocking the desired results for you, gets recirified. In fact, astrological remedies can also help an individual find a job if he or she is trying to find one. The remedies are so simple that even if working, you will still find the time to practise them for yourself. And that is what makes Astrotalk the best astrology consultation platform in India.

Astrological reasons behind why you are not able to get a promotion

As per Astrotalk astrologers, the 10th house in kundli is the one that controls aspects like job and business for the native. The tenth house in astrology is also indicative of a person’s karma. Apart from the tenth house, the lord of the tenth house controls an individual's performance in terms of worldly pleasures. Hence if the tenth house to tenth house lord in your Kundli is under the malefic effects of negative planets, then this can result in a hindrance in job promotion, business or sometimes even overall job and business.

However, if the 10th house in Kundli is being occupied by the benefic planets, then, in that case, promotions may come easily for you. We use the word 'May' because the positivity of the 10th house alone is not responsible for promotion but your hard work too plays a role. In this, the Sun is the factor of goals and achievements.

Mars, on the other hand, allows the native energy to accomplish his or her professional goals. Also, planet Mercury is the factor of intelligence and knowledge, and can help in the career progression of the native. The next planet that gives good results in the 10th house is Jupiter. Jupiter brings new job opportunities to the door of the native and also helps you in earning from multiple sources. Apart from these planets, Shani Dev controls your Karma and rewards you based upon the hard work you are willing to put to do better professionally.

If the 10th house of the kundli is being marred by a malefic planet or planets, auspicious results in jobs and business may not come easily to you. The placement can result in a delay in getting a job, termination, salary cut, dissatisfaction with the job and even delay in promotion. Nevertheless, any such negative placements of the planets can be studied through a person's birth chart and also corrected by following some simple astrological remedies to get a job or promotion.

Astrological remedies to get a promotion in Job

  • To start with, the native trying to get a job promotion must recite mantras related to the tenth house. You can talk to our astrologers to find a suitable mantra to please the tenth house and its ruling lord.
  • When multipole planets are bringing you trouble, then things can get even worse for you. In such a situation, the best solution is to perform a Navagraha Havan. The Havan should be done at the home of the native.
  • If not Navagraha Havan, the native can also do Navagraha Abhishek at a temple to ward off the negative energies from your life. Both these havans not only help in job promotion but also help you get rid of the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu.
  • The next astrological remedy for job promotion is that you offer water to the Sun lord at the Sunrise and while doing so, chant Gayatri or Surya Mantra - “Aum Pushne Namah”. The rays coming from the Sun Lord work as a purifier and gives the person the power to fight the difficulties in life.
  • If you are not able to find a job, then you must light a lamp of oil at any Shani Mandir on Saturdays. Along with that, chanting Shani Mantra is also advised. Chanting Shani Mantra curbs the ill effects of Shani, the planet which is a major controller of your progress in life.
  • If you are a businessman and not able to make a profit in the same, then Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra can prove to be a boon for you. The positive effects of this yantra can resolve any money crisis, besides bringing you monetary gains.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, the north direction of the house or office is related to career and business growth. Hence special attention to the north direction must be given. Always keep a container of water, fountain or aquarium in the north direction. Also, placing a picture with an abundance of blue or black colours in it will also be very beneficial for your career.

Totkas for job promotion

Here are some astrological totkas that you can make use of to get a job promotion

1. Worship Shani Dev

Lord of Karma and your deeds, Shani Dev, rewards you based on your Karma. Hence if you do good or work hard, Lord Shani will reward you for your efforts. That's why when you fail to get the best results, or promotion in this case, despite working hard, in such cases, pleasing Lord Shani becomes a must. The best day to please Lord Shani is Saturday. And here is how you must worship Shani Dev:

  • Get up every Saturday at Brahma Muhurta. To know what's that, you can talk to our astrologers.
  • Next, perform your daily activities and then take a bath.
  • Clean your pooja space and worship Lord Shani with full rituals. You can also recite the Shani mantra.
  • Shani Mantra - "Om Shri Shani Devaayah Namo Namh, Om Shri Shani Devaayah Shanti Bhavah, Om Shri Shani Devaayah Shubham Falh, Om Shri Shani Devaayah Falh Prapti Falh”
  • You must also donate sesame, oil and shadow pot to the needy.
  • Wearing Seven Mukhi Rudraksha can also bring you good luck in terms of getting a job.

2. Worship Lord Sun

The Sun in astrology is known as the King of all the planets. Planet sun controls the high positions in your life. Other than that, the planet Sun is also the significator of success and progress. Hence in order to get a promotion for yourself, it is vital to worship Lord Sun on Sundays. Here are some methods of worshipping the Sun as per astrology:-

  • Start with getting up before Sunrise on Sundays (yeah, you heard that right, on Sundays).
  • The good part is, after getting up, take a bath and watch the rising sun with your naked eyes and pray to the Sun Lord.
  • On other weekdays, make it a habit of offering water to the Sun every morning.
  • Wear 12 Mukhi Rudraksha to attract the blessing of the Sun.
  • Chant Aditya Hridayam Stotra
  • The last astrological remedy to get promotion associated with lord Sun is to install Surya Yantra and chant Surya Beej Mantra - Om Haran Hreem Hraum Saha Suryay Namah - in front of it.

3. Worship Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is also known as Sankat Mochan Hanuman, and hence he can help you deal with numerous problems associated with your life. If you are not able to get a promotion or your salary has been at a constant figure for a while, then worship Hanuman Ji on Tuesday, using the following procedure:

  • If you don't have a Hanuman Ji's idol or picture, then start with buying one at a shubh muhurat on Tuesday.
  • Now place the picture or idol of Hanuman Ji in the direction where your head is positioned when you sleep.
  • To have the blessings of Lord Hanuman, visit the Bajrang Bali temple daily.
  • At the temple, light jasmine oil on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays.
  • You can also consider offering vermilion to Lord Hanuman at the temple on Tuesday.
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa is the best remedy to get rid of any problem haunting you.
  • Recite Bajrang Baan on Tuesday.
  • Just in case you are looking for a foreign job opportunity, then get yourself a picture of Hanuman ji flying in the air. Place the picture in the hall or living area.

4. Worship Maa Kali

Another astrologer recommended way of increasing your chances of getting a promotion is to worship Maa Kali. This is what astrologers believe is one of the surefire ways to get a promotion in the job.

  • Besides worshipping Maa Kali, you can also try an easy remedy to please Maa Lakshmi where you first need to tie black rice in white cloth on Monday.
  • Then offer those rice to Maa Kali at either your home or the temple.
  • Donate the same rice to the needy.

5. Worship Lord Shiva

As per Vedic astrology, worshipping Lord Shiva also bestows upon the native the blessings of Lakshmi. Hence if looking to get a job promotion, worshipping Lord Shiva is a must. And here is the best way to do it:

  • If you seek the blessings of Shiva in your life, offer water to Shivling daily.
  • Besides, you must also offer Akshat to Shivling.
  • Rudra Abhishek or Shivling Abhishek with Raw milk can eradicate a lot of worries from your life. It will also help you in getting a job promotion.
  • Also, offer Bel leaves to Shiva when visiting the Shiva temple.
  • Taking trips to Shiv Dhan like Kedarnath is also advised.
  • Also, never leave a promise made to Shiva unfulfilled.

6. Worship Lord Vishnu

Apart from just getting a promotion, even if you are not able to find a new job for yourself, in that case, worshipping Lord Vishnu can come in handy for you. Lord Vishnu fulfils the wishes of the devotees and thus can also help you in getting a new job, appraisal or even a promotion.

  • To get the blessing of Lord Vishnu, do no wrong and visit Lord Vishnu temple on Thursday.
  • Offer water to a Banana tree on Thursday.
  • Wearing yellow on Thursday is also said to allow the natives the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • Donate yellow things at a temple on Thursday.

7. Serve Cows

It is a belief among people that serving cows comes with its own benefits. Astrologers recommend that one should serve the mother cow daily to ensure oneself progress in life. Doing so will bring you a promotion or salary hike.

  • Take some flour and jaggery with you when leaving for office.
  • Then feed flour and jaggery wherever cows are seen on the way.
  • When cooking, always leave out one roti for the cow.

8. Feeding grains to birds

Natives seeking a job or promotion must feed grains to the birds for desired results in the professional field. As per astrologers, making a drinking water facility for the birds on the terrace or balcony is also one way to get a job promotion or desired transfer. For the best results:

  • Mix seven different types of dals or grains in a bowl together.
  • The different types of dals you can choose are wheat, jowar, maize, bajra, rice, pulses.
  • Now every morning feed this mixed grain to the birds.

Apart from the above-mentioned astrological remedies for job promotion, there are many more remedies that you can try to get a promotion for yourself. Check them out here.

  • If looking for remedies to get promotion during winters, then donate black blankets to the poor.
  • Take some khadi haldi and put it in the flowing water.
  • Whenever you get out of your home, make sure you exit with your right leg first.
  • Wear pearl stone on a silver ring on Monday.
  • Plant a peepal tree in the house and offer water to it every day while wishing for a promotion.
  • Have the blessings of your father.
  • Take a red cloth and tie a coconut in it. Float the coconut in the river flowing in the east direction while praying for a job promotion. Do this on Sunday or Tuesday.
  • Offer water to the peepal tree every Thursday without touching the tree.
  • On Mondays falling in Shukla Paksha, keep three Gomti Chakras tied in a silver wire in Siddha Yoga.
  • If going for a job interview, encircle a lemon around your head 7 times. Keep the same lemon in your pocket or bag and float it in the running water or a secluded place in the evening.
  • Keeping the root of Anantmool under your pillow will help you in getting a job in a foreign land.
  • On every Saturday, light a lamp of mustard oil under a Peepal tree and do 7 rounds.
  • Take 11 leaves of peepal and write Ram-Ram on them with red vermilion. Then make a Mauli garland out of these leaves and wear it to Hanuman ji while praying for a job promotion. Do this for 7 consecutive Saturdays.
  • Make sure your 10th house is strong. If not sure, show your birth chart to a good astrologer.

Practice these remedies for job promotion and see the results for yourself.


Which house represents jobs in Vedic astrology?

In the horoscope, the tenth house represents career and professional life. Saturn rules this house, and the zodiac sign, which was present at the time of your birth along with various other aspects, shall reveal your career choices and the profession that shall suit you best according to your Moon sign.

How can we predict job change in astrology?

For predicting job change, the placement of planet Jupiter in the 10th house of professional life or the 6th house of competition or services suggests the change of job in astrology. Also, the combination of the second, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses or their lords with the 5th and the 9th house or its lords also illustrates the change of job.

Which chart is important for professional life?

According to astrology, the Varga chart or the Dasamsa (D10) chart must be taken into consideration when looking for predictions regarding professional life. This chart also tells the natives about the impacts they would make on society in mass.

How can we predict the actual time of the job?

The actual time of the job depends on the planetary Dasha and lord of the houses responsible for career and professional life. So, if someone is under the Venus Mahadasha and planet Venus rules the tenth house of profession and career, then, Venus transit would be vital for that individual.

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