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In the rich tapestry of human traditions and celebrations, marriage stands as a sacred bond that unites hearts, families, and cultures. The significance of this union is not just emotional but deeply rooted in the cultural and astrological fabric of societies across the world. One essential element that plays a pivotal role in this grand ceremony is the "Marriage Muhurat" – an auspicious time and date selected for the wedding. As we step into the threshold of 2024, couples and families are eagerly seeking the perfect celestial alignment to embark on their matrimonial journey.

Marriage muhurats hold immense importance in various cultures, and 2024 promises a plethora of auspicious dates and times that align with astrological and planetary configurations believed to bring harmony, love, and prosperity to the newlyweds. These muhurats are meticulously calculated by astrologers and pundits, taking into account celestial events like planetary positions, lunar phases, and other astrological factors.

In this blog series, we embark on a celestial journey through the year 2024, exploring the auspicious marriage muhurats that promise to bless couples with a harmonious and blissful married life. Join us as we unravel the cosmic secrets behind these auspicious dates and dive deep into the cultural and spiritual significance that surrounds them. Whether you're planning your wedding or simply curious about the magic of marriage muhurats, this series will guide you through the celestial calendar of 2024, helping you make your special day even more extraordinary.

Why to have a marriage in Shubh Muhurat 2024?

Having a marriage in a Shubh Muhurat, or auspicious time, in 2024 carries deep cultural and spiritual significance in many societies, particularly in India. This ancient practice is rooted in the belief that aligning significant life events, such as weddings, with favourable cosmic energies can bring blessings, harmony, and prosperity to the couple's life journey.

Firstly, a Shubh Muhurat in 2024 ensures a positive celestial alignment, which is believed to bring good fortune and minimise obstacles. It is an act of faith that signifies the couple's commitment to starting their married life on an auspicious note. This can help in building a strong foundation for their relationship.

Furthermore, a Shubh Muhurat is seen as a way to honour and respect tradition and culture. It connects the couple to their heritage and brings families together in celebration. The blessings and well-wishes of loved ones during such an auspicious time hold special significance, strengthening the bonds between families.

In addition, a Shubh Muhurat in 2024 provides a memorable and spiritually enriching experience. It can infuse the wedding ceremony with a sense of sacredness and divine presence, making it a cherished memory for years to come.

Marriage Muhurat 2023: Date, Time & Nakshatra

The Marriage Muhurat in 2024 is a highly anticipated event for couples planning to tie the knot. This auspicious occasion revolves around finding the perfect date, time, and nakshatra (constellation) alignment for a harmonious and blessed wedding ceremony. In this guide, we'll explore the auspicious dates and celestial factors that play a pivotal role in ensuring a prosperous and joyful marital journey in the coming year.

Marriage Muhurat in January 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
16 January 2024, Tuesday 20:01 to 17 Jan 07:15 Uttara-Bhadrapada, Revati Shashthi, Saptami
17 January 2023, Wednesday 07:15 to 21:50 Revati Saptami
20 January 2024, Saturday 03:09 to 21 Jan 07:14 Rohini Ekadashi
21 January 2024, Sunday 07:14 to 07:23 Rohini Ekadashi
22 January 2024, Monday 07:14 to 23 Jan 04:58 Mrigashira Dwadashi Dwadashi, Trayodashi
27 January 2024, Saturday 19:44 to 28 Jan 07: 12 Magha Dwitiya Purnima
28 January 2024, Sunday 07:12 to 15:53 Magha Dwitiya, Tritiya
30 January 2024, Tuesday 10:43 to 31 Jan 07:10 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Tritiya
31 January 2024, Wednesday 07:10 to 1 Feb 01:08 Hasta Hasta Panchami

Marriage Muhurat in February 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
4 February 2024, Sunday 07:21 to 05 Feb 05:44 Anuradha Navami, Dashami
6 February 2024, Tuesday 13:18 to 07 Feb 06:27 Mool Ekadashi, Dwadashi
7 February 2024, Wednesday 04:37 to 08 Feb 07:05 Uttarashada Trayodashi
8 February 2024, Thursday 07:05 to 11:17 Uttarashada Uttarashada Trayodashi
12 February 2024, Monday 14:56 to 13 Feb 07:02 Uttar Bhadrapada Tritiya, Chaturthi
13 February 2024, Tuesday 14:41 to 14 Feb 05:11 Revati Panchami
17 February 2024, Saturday 08:46 to 13:44 Rohini Navami
24 February 2024, Saturday 13:35 to 22:20 Magha Purnima, Pratipada
25 February 2024, Sunday 01:24 to 26 Feb 06:50 Uttara Phalguni Dwitiya
26 February 2024, Monday 06:50 to 15:27 Uttara Phalguni Dwitiya
29 February 2024, Thursday 10:22 to 01 Mar 06:46 Swati Panchami

Marriage Muhurat in March 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
1 March 2024, Friday 06:46 to 12:48 Swati Shashthi
2 March 2024, Saturday 20:24 to 03 Mar 06:44 Anuradha Saptami
March 3, 2024, Sunday 06:44 to 15:55 Anuradha Saptami, Ashtami
4 March 2024, Monday 22:16 to 05 Mar 06:42 Mool Navami
5 March 2024, Tuesday 06:42 to 14:09 Mool Navami, Dashami
6 March 2024, Wednesday 14:52 to 07 Mar 06:40 Uttarashada Ekadashi, Dwadashi
7 March 2024, Thursday 06:40 to 08:24 Uttarashada Dwadashi
10 March 2024, Sunday 01:55 to 11 Mar 06:35 Uttarashada Pratipada
11 March 2024, Monday 06:35 to 12 Mar 06:34 Uttar Bhadrapada, Revati Pratipada, Dwitiya
12 March 2024, Tuesday 06:34 to 15:08 Revati Tritiya

Marriage Muhurat in April 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
18 April 2024, Thursday 00:44 to 19 Apr 05:51 Magha Ekadashi
19 April 2024, Friday 05:51 to 06:46 Magha Ekadashi
20 April 2024, Saturday 14:04 to 21 Apr 02:48 Uttara Phalguni Dwadashi, Trayodashi
21 April 2024 Sunday 03:45 to 22 Apr 05:48 Hasta Chaturdashi
22 April 2024, Monday 05:48 to 20:00 Hasta Chaturdashi

Marriage Muhurat in July 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
9 July 2024, Tuesday 14:28 to 18:56 Magha Chaturthi
11 July 2024, Thursday 13:04 to 12 Jul 04:09 Uttara Phalguni Shashthi
12 July 2024, Friday 05:15 to 13 Jul 05:32 Hasta Saptami
13 July 2024, Saturday 05:32 to 15:05 Hasta Saptami
14 July 2024, Sunday 22:06 to 15 Jul 05:33 Swati Navami
15 July 2024, Monday 05:33 to 16 Jul 00:30 Swati Navami, Dashami

Marriage Muhurat in November 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
12 November 2024, Tuesday 16:04 to 19:10 Uttar Bhadrapada Dwadashi
13 November 2024 Wednesday 15:26 to 21:48 Revati Trayodashi
16 November 2024 Saturday 23:48 to 17 Nov 06:45 Rohini Dwitiya
17 November 2024, Sunday 06:45 to 18 Nov 06:46 Rohini, Mrigashira Dwitiya, Tritiya
18 November 2024, Monday 06:46 to 07:56 Mrigashira Tritiya
22 November 2024, Friday 23:44 to 23 Nov 06:50 Magha Ashtami
23 November 2024, Saturday 06:50 to 11:42 Magha Ashtami
25 November 2024, Monday 01:01 to 26 Nov 06:53 Hasta Ekadashi
26 November 2024, Tuesday 06:53 to 27 Nov 04:35 Hasta Ekadashi
28 November 2024, Thursday 07:36 to 29 Nov 06:55 Swati Trayodashi
29 November 2024, Friday 06:55 to 08:39 Swati Trayodashi

Marriage Muhurat in December 2024

Date And Time Muhurat Timing Nakshatra Tithi
4 December 2024, Wednesday 17:15 to 05 Dec 01:02 Uttarashada Chaturthi
5 December 2024, Thursday 12:49 to 17:26 Uttarashada Panchami
9 December 2024, Monday 14:56 to 10 Dec 01:06 Uttar Bhadrapada Navami
10 December 2024, Tuesday 22:03 to 11 Dec 06:13 Revati Dashami, Ekadashi
14 December 2024, Saturday 07:06 to 16:58 Mrigashira Purnima
15 December 2024, Sunday 03:42 to 07:06 Mrigashira Purnima

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Auspicious times to notice in Vivah Shubh Muhurat 2024

In Hindu culture, the choice of an auspicious time, known as Vivah Shubh Muhurat, for a wedding is of paramount importance, as it is believed to influence the harmony and prosperity of the marital union. As we delve into the auspicious times for weddings in 2024, we encounter a tapestry of elements that contribute to this sacred moment.

Karana, the half of a lunar day, plays a pivotal role. Kinstughan, Baw, Balav, Kaulav, Taitil, Gharo, and Vanij Karan are considered propitious for marriages, ensuring a harmonious beginning.

Muhurat, the most auspicious time for a wedding, features Abhijeet and Godhuli Vela as ideal moments to tie the knot, ensuring blessings for a lifelong journey together.

The date holds significance as well. Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi Tithi, and Trayodashi Tithi are deemed auspicious for weddings, promising a prosperous and joyful marital life.

Nakshatra, the lunar constellations, are crucial in choosing a date. Rohini, Mrigashira, Magha, Uttara Falguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Mool, Uttarashada, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati Nakshatras are considered favourable for weddings.

Selecting the right day is vital too. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are auspicious wedding days, while Tuesday is best avoided for this sacred occasion.

Yoga, the planetary combinations, also plays a significant role. Preeti Yoga, Saubhagya Yoga, and Harshana Yoga are believed to bring marital bliss and prosperity. In 2024, couples seeking a harmonious and prosperous marriage should consult these auspicious factors to ensure a joyful and blessed beginning to their lifelong journey together.

Inauspicious times as per Marriage Muhurat 2024

The year 2024 presents a challenging landscape for those seeking auspicious times for weddings, as per the Marriage Muhurat, an important astrological consideration in Hindu culture. Inauspicious times may pose significant concerns for couples planning to tie the knot during this period.

The Hindu calendar is deeply rooted in astrology and tradition, with specific dates and times considered favourable or unfavourable for marriage ceremonies. In 2024, navigating these auspicious windows might prove to be a complex task due to celestial alignments and astrological factors.

Astrologers typically consider factors like planetary positions, lunar phases, and the alignment of stars to determine the most propitious times for weddings. When inauspicious times prevail, couples may choose to delay their nuptials or seek remedies to mitigate unfavourable influences.

While the year 2024 may pose challenges in finding ideal Marriage Muhurat, it's essential to remember that love and commitment can transcend astrological considerations. Couples can choose to focus on building a strong foundation for their marriage, irrespective of the timing, and rely on their bond and support from loved ones to navigate through any challenges that may arise.

Significance Of Shubh marriage Muhurat 2024

The significance of a Shubh marriage Muhurat in 2023 holds immense importance in Indian culture and traditions. A Muhurat is an auspicious and carefully chosen time frame for conducting various ceremonies, with weddings being one of the most prominent. The selection of a favourable Muhurat is deeply rooted in Vedic astrology and is believed to influence the couple's future and the overall success of the marriage.

In 2023, the significance of a Shubh marriage Muhurat is heightened due to the alignment of planetary positions. Astrologers meticulously calculate these auspicious timings based on the positions of celestial bodies, including stars and planets, to ensure a harmonious and prosperous life for the newlyweds.

A Shubh marriage to Muhurat in 2023 not only symbolises the union of two individuals but also reflects the alignment of cosmic energies in their favour. It is believed to enhance marital bliss, longevity, and prosperity while minimising potential conflicts. Families invest significant time and resources in consulting astrologers to identify the most propitious Muhurat, as it is seen as a sacred and irreplaceable moment in the couple's life journey.

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