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Tarot cards work on the mystical energy and generally represent the storybook of our life. It is more like a mirror to our soul and acts as an inner key to the path of wisdom and spirituality. Tarot cards reading is complex, deeper, and a unique combination of prowess and analytical ability. A set of 78 cards are there, which form two different decks— Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana Cards generally represent spiritual and Karmic lessons. It represents a path of self-awareness and depicts different stages as one encounters the greater meaning and understanding of life. Moreover, the Major Arcana card reading also lets the person analyse things on a soul level. On the other hand, the Minor Arcana Cards depict the tribulations and trials that a person shall experience on a daily basis. Illustrating a deeper practical part of life lets the native resolve the current issues too. Usually, the Minor Arcana cards possess a temporary impact, but they are strong and highly expressed.

Tarot cards have the ability and power to provide answers to questions regarding all the aspects of the lives of an individual. Be it past, present, or future, it acts as a perfect getaway to understand the purpose of the life you had, you are having, or what you may have.

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Tarot reading is a powerful form of divination that use an ancient deck of cards to help you find answers to your questions about your love, relationships, career, wellness and more.

How to read the tarot cards?

Together these two decks—Major and Minor Arcana, form a comprehensive and pictorial picture. It is vital to keep in mind that all the solutions we wish to know lie innately within these two tarot card decks. They depict strongly an individual, situation, or potential outcome. As there are no hidden motives or puzzles in the tarot cards reading, the power to discern their meaning lies within the person’s narrative and interpretation.

Before any tarot cards reading, make sure to clear the deck by shuffling it properly. Also, this deliberate action must become a meditation for the tarot reader. You must feel and understand the physicality of the tarot cards in your hand. While doing so, you must visualise your question properly and clearly. If you are performing tarot card reading for someone else, you must utilise this reflective time to dig deeper into the roots of their circumstance and situation. This shall help you form particular queries about them.

You can take as long as you need but remember to focus and meditate properly. Whenever you are good to go, divide the cards into three parts and reorder the pile facing down. Then, on a nice clean cloth, prepare the cards for the spread and pull cards to get the answer to the questions running through the head.

Though all the cards have their own classic association, the strongest source behind the right predictions is your intuition. Your immediate emotional reaction towards the card you drew makes all the rightful patterns and systems, allowing you to form a better narrative and understanding of the circumstances.

Difference between Major Arcana Cards and Minor Arcana Cards

When we mention the structure of the tarot cards deck, all possess different meanings and have their own significance. According to the tarot card reading, the whole universe lies within a tarot deck. Thus, illustrating all places, persons, and events. One can read these signs in both the Major and Minor cards.

Then where the difference lies?

The Major Arcana cards speak to bigger, greater, and deeper secrets. As for the Minor Arcana cards, they let the natives know about the less deep secrets.

Moreover, the Major Arcana tarot cards illustrate groundbreaking and monumental influences. This deck in tarot card readings pin the energies of an individual, alone depicting a strong message. Major Arcana cards depict the life-transforming movement that forms the start or end of the life cycles. These are known as dynamic cards and appear during big transformations and major transitions in life. During tarot card readings, they signal distinctive moments of change. They are categorised to show stations within a deeper journey through life and its meaning. On the other hand, their chronological order means the passing of time.

When we speak of the Minor Arcana cards, they represent everyday life and matters. During tarot card readings, these cards represent ordinary folks who get into mundane works like sleeping, dancing, quarrelling, etc. Moreover, this tarot cards deck suggests actions that are affected by human behaviour and come on the front line during basic transitions that might be short-term, temporary, or less influential.

Different tarot card spreads

As per the tarot astrology, the “three-card spread” is the simplest and most effective of all. You can simply modify the categories to make room for any situation— past, present, or future. You may also perform the tarot card spreads for someone else. Also, with the three-card spread method, you shall also get tarot predictions around relationships, career, opportunities, outcomes, body, spirit, challenges, etc. The cards and their analogous placement shall effortlessly expose the dynamics and the bond.

However, before making any predictions, you must spare a moment to understand how the cards you picked from the deck make you feel? If there are any symbols or characters, what are they up to, how are they facing, and so on.

There are several tarot cards spreads other than the three-card one.

The Celtic cross spread: Possessing the shape of a Celtic cross, it uses ten different cards and lets you get into the past, present, and future, along with the outside influences in different areas of life, outcomes of your actions, and challenges in your life.

One card pull: This is usually suggested to beginners. It is usually to become better at tarot card reading and involves opting for a time of the day (generally morning). Answering simple questions like— How should I pay attention to my energy today or What must I need to know today? This method is efficient and easy-going in all means and manners.

The Major Arcana tarot cards

Formed from the word “Arcane”, it is a deck of 22 cards. Major Arcana, in tarot card readings, usually stays more concerned with the cause behind the situations. You can depict this as a person on a journey who meets and encounters all sorts of situations and events and meets people of all kinds and behaviour. From birth to death and rebirth, these tarot cards act as a blueprint of your life. From physical to spiritual, it signifies the path to move on. Beginning the journey with the Fool, they illustrate the story of the humans towards individuation and enlightenment and the World.

The Major Arcana Cards and their meaning:
The Minor Arcana tarot cards

A majority of the Arcana tarot cards fall in the category of the Minor Arcana tarot deck. This tarot deck signifies the small and less influential events in the life of a person. Focusing on the specifics, these cards in the tarot card readings show circumstances or significant people who form the person’s life asking the question. This category of tarot reading cards also lets you understand the parts of your life covering aspects like love and relationship, intellect, power, energy, decisions, etc.

The Minor Arcana tarot cards are divided into four categories— Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups. Each suit of these decks possesses a set of four court cards: Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings.

1. The Suit of Wands

This suit of cards generally corresponds with everyday events in the life of an individual. It connects with the Fire element. Therefore, it represents the temperament, energy, and volatile nature of an individual. The suit of wants is known as the source of the energy and willpower in a person. Furthermore, it represents the creative potential and inspiration one shall have to perform tasks and works.

When this suit of tarot cards is at its best, it shall give you passion and courage in life. It would also propel you to do something in your life and involve your energy in righteous tasks and deeds. It would make you open and action-oriented, along with being adventurous in nature. However, when weak, it may make you destructive. It would make you reckless, dangerous, and volatile, who can burn everything with ferocity.

The Suit of Wands and their meaning:
2. The Suit of Cups

In tarot cards reading, this suit of Minor Arcana represents the Water element. Channelizing the everyday energy of a person, it also illustrates the emotional state of a person. With it, it depicts how an individual behaves around their environment and others.

When this suit of cards is upright, it makes you empathetic and compassionate. You naturally understand the feelings of others. Moreover, your intuition power becomes better, and possesses an enhanced psychic ability. Your creative potential becomes better, and you perform well in creative arts and similar talents. Connected with the power of cleansing and healing, it could make you a master of fantasy and adaptability. However, when reversed, it could shut your logical thinking and make you lost in a world of your own. You may not listen to any facts and block all ways to creativity and talents.

The Suit of Cups and their meaning:
3. The Suit of Swords

This deck of tarot cards in tarot astrology illustrates the Air element and depicts the way a person channelizes any message. Representing the strength of communication, the Suit of Swords signifies the person’s ability to implement logic and think sanely. It illustrates how rationally one can think and how clear and transparent one could be with their thoughts and their implementation.

When strong, it makes you strong in terms of presenting your thoughts more clearly to others. You shall understand everything clearly and analyse things to their best. It shall make you connect better with people and the environment around you and incorporate qualities like logic, morals, righteousness, and discipline. However, if weak, it may make you severe towards the victim mentality. Leading to traits like aggression and violence, it might also make you use words that can hurt the feelings of others. Your behaviour might become cold, and confusion shall surround you all over.

The Suit of Swords and their meaning:
4. The Suit of Pentacles

For the Suit of Pentacles, it is said that it governs the reliability and firmness in the life of a person. Representing the Earth element, this deck of Minor Arcana tarot cards represents how a person incorporates his skills and abilities to live a sustainable life. Illustrating the sense of responsibility and reliability, this suit in tarot card reading helps people figure out their finances, responsibilities, resources, and a sense of security and stability towards themselves and the people around them.

When upright, it signifies a sane level of endurance you have during adversities and optimism you shall keep having things aligned. It shall also tell how solid your foundations would be in terms of progress and growth, along with the level of hard-working nature and steady efforts. In times of test, how you would act and how ambitious you are and would be about life are all governed by the Suit of Pentacles. However, if reversed, it depicts your stubborn nature and illustrates qualities like carelessness, laziness, and inactiveness with no sense of management or practicality.

The Suit of Pentacles and their meaning:

Tarot Card Reading FAQs

How to ask a love question during tarot card readings?

You must remember to formulate the questions in the clearest manner possible. Start with understanding what you wish to ask and make sure you are specific and precise as to what you wish to know. Moreover, you must also remember to be particular about the same in your head.

Is the Sun tarot card a Yes or a No card?

Sun card in tarot reading signifies happiness, success, and wealth. It also means productivity and triumph. Therefore, when you perform a Yes/ No tarot reading, having a Sun undoubtedly means a Yes. 

Which card is the most powerful card in the Major Arcana deck?

The Fool is considered to be the most valuable and powerful card, especially when it comes upright during a tarot cards reading. 

Which tarot card represents luck?

In tarot astrology, the Wheel of Fortune card is known for luck and elevation. When upright, it signifies destiny and felicity, with success and fortune. When reversed, it shows increased superfluity and abundance.

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